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Why I chose to become a Food blogger?

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When I was young, I always wanted to be in the advertising field. Ads always attracted me when I used to see television. I told my father that someday I will choose Advertising as a career. But being a parent he wanted me to get into Banking Jobs ( secured jobs in India) and my Mother felt I could probably become a LAWYER . This was their plans for me.

But as when I grew I knew that I would be definitely wanting to do what my heart wants. So, after completion of my education, my first job was in a leading newspaper ( Mumbai, India) I was given a stipend of Rs.8500/- Huge money for those days and the happiness just knew no bounds…..but! on the other side, my parents were not so happy about me choosing a career which they didn’t approve off.

Coming from a Tamil Brahmin house, we kids were raised very well, with lotsaa discipline, listening to your Appa, Amma ( Father & Mother) Residing in Mumbai, one of the largest city of India, contributing 50% of your GDP. Staying here means you dont remain a Tamilian anymore as u adapt to the cosmopolitan society out there. Unlike my cousins who resides in Kerala or any south part of India, we were different from them. They were totally traditional in every form, but that does not disapprove of us by saying we didn’t know our culture, we were well versed with our culture in everyway 🙂

Time was flying, I finally got married to the person whom I loved (still I love him) and after few years a beautiful daughter was born to us.. 20 years of successful career, one day U resign from the post of Vice President – Media from your last job. Then why did I resign? As I was detected with CKD – Chronic Kidney Disease. I was really disheartened, paranoid and tremendously upset as I never had any sort of bad lifestyle, no smokes or no drinks then how???

Post visiting doctors, they arrived at a conclusion, the illness has happened due to high BP, family heredity, work pressure, lifestyle etc. I felt I had abused my body too much without giving enough rest over a period of time…. we work till the last leg & then one day you are hit badly. What happens then? health hazards, fighting, battling, curing, medicines, hospitals etc. – just not me but both my husband and daughter had to go through this journey with me. Fortunately !now after a successful surgery am fine.

During the sickness time, I didn’t have much to do, as health was a big question mark in my life- I had all the possible time on this planet.. how to kill my time apart from doc visits, check ups, blood tests, medicines etc. I finally…..decided to give birth to – FORKANDBEANS( http://www.forkandbeans.in)

My passion for cooking started when I got married 20 years back, after pulling out all recipes from the internet my interest grew more and I started making delicacies daily at my home. My mum was an ace cook. We Indians believe if your mom has a good hand it will pass on to her daughters. That’s exactly happened. My food turned out to be really delicious and I learnt all the tricks /methods of cooking, plating, upgraded my kitchen etc. My journey didn’t stop, it encouraged me to do more and more

This is when I thought, create a food blog that being my forte – fill it with good recipes, cover health topics, general articles etc

Forkandbeans is my pet blog, where I want every sex ( male/female) to indulge and follow the recipes. They are simple & easy. All ingredients used in the recipes are easily available in your kitchen cabinets, nothing that you have to procure exclusively. Today I have 700+ posts(many more to come) good response from my readers, subscribers and above all the love I get from you makes me do a better job. Hope you really like my food recipes. Any specific recipes you want you can always ask me, I would be more happy sending you the same

Thank you so much for reading this posts ! Appreciate your time & Love

Happy cooking !! Stay safe, Stay home

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