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Why Girl-child education Is Important?

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Improving health outcomes for children: Women play an important role in raising children and education would enable them to make better health choices for their children. Reduced incidence of illness: Education of girls improves sanitation and health outcomes for them and their families, thereby reducing the incidence of illness.

Education is an important tool which equips you to take well informed and meaningful decisions. Since girls form roughly half the population, the importance of girls’ education can hardly be stressed enough.

Independence: Educated girls do not have to depend on anyone if they are capable of earning their own livelihood and raising their family.

Development: One of the determinants of human development is education. If girls are educated along with boys, it makes development even more meaningful.

Society: A society that confers the same values and status to girls and boys equally is a more mature and superior society. Educated girls grow up be responsible citizens and leaders for the society.

Family: A family where girls are educated believe in empowering the girls and raising strong citizens. Such families become the building blocks of a strong society.

Soft Skills: Girls can bring a different point of view and in a class girls add a wholesome perspective to any topic. Since girls are stronger in soft skills, they bring values of fairness and empathy to any workplace and make it more varied and complex, more complete.

Labour force: Economy wise educated girls are likely to join the labour force with a good skill level, increasing the income for the family and for the economy

Conclusion: Girls’ education is the way to achieve real development in the developing world as is proven by the developed world.

Girl’s education refers to the provision of the girl child in society to access education and the educational facilities she requires without any discrimination against them.

Importance of Girl’s education

  1. Girl’s education puts them in a good position to chase after their dreams and therefore live fulfilled lives having achieved their dreams.
  2. It is also a means to achieve gender equality as the same courtesy is extended to the boy child in society.
  3. It helps them become responsible and influential members of society as they are able to take leadership positions.
  4. When the girl child in society is educatedthey are able to make informed decisions about their lives.
  5. It puts them as a bar set for bench-marking for the coming generations in terms of achievements and milestones they make in life.
  6. When the girl child is educated, they are able to come back and help their families and other girls when they make it in life.


Girl’s education plays a very crucial role in the life of young girls in society who want a fair shot at chasing their dreams with a view of taking their rightful places in society when opportunity presents.

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