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Perfect Rice to be cooked

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Long back, a girl in Kerala was getting married. She was 25 years old, marriageable age. One day her parents came to her informing her about a marriage proposal, She was thrilled but at the same time, scared too.

It was the old custom, gals not stepping out or speaking to strangers that too once her marriage is fixed

So this gal whose name was Radha, was informed too that the boys family would arrive and she would be asked to walk and cook the perfect rice

She has been taught how to cook and when the day came whereby the boys asked her to walk and show , that gal happily agreed in doing the walk.

But now the real test was cooking the perfect rice, which was important as she would be judged only if she cooks the right way

Post walking and showing , she immediately rushed to the kitchen thinking the next task was simple. But she failed in doing so, as the rice had starch in it and it was very sticky. The gal was upset so were the boy’s family

And the impression created was wrong. Everybody thought a good proposal went by. Finally, they liked the gal and they lived happy ever after with the perfect RICE cooked

sticky rice

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