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First time in Kitchen

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Sheena lost her mother at a early age. Her family now was her father and 2 elder brothers.

Sheena’s mother was a good cook and everybody in the family loved her cooking. Her father was worried post his wife dying who would actually make a decent food.

Sheena knew her father worried for cooking. Days passed by, the food cooked by them was not so good. Sheena felt bad and then one day she decided to make her mom’s favorite veg biryani. A mention of biryani is enough to make one’s mouth water and feel hungry. The family was not sure the biryani would be in a eatable condition. But she decided to give a TRY

The day arrived as Sheena started making the BIRYANI in the kitchen for the first time

She remembered how her mom used to cut veggies, clean rice, the biryani masala etc. She took some time making the rice, but made it accurately, it turned out to be very flavorful. Not like her mom but yes first attempt in the kitchen, first time cooking biryani was quite a appreciable thing

The family enjoyed the BIRYANI RICE cooked by Sheena and guess what??? Every week she was asked to make her version of biryani.

Today, Sheena has become an ace biryani specialist 🙂

Hence keep trying till you succeed.

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