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Litchi Orange Mocktail

Posted in : Veg/Non Veg on by : Simmi Iyer


Mint leaves6-8
Orange juice1 cup
Litchi juice1/2 cup
Black saltA pinch
Lemon juice2 tablespoon
Ice cubes6-8


  • Step 1

Take a bowl put all mint leaves and pour lemon juice. Press all mint leaves within lemon juice with a muddler.

  • Step 2

Put a pinch of black salt in lemon juice and mint leaves. Just steer a bit so salt dissolves.

  • Step 3

Add litchi juice and shake with 4-5 ice cubes.

  • Step 4

Add orange juice and stir well. Now pour juice with mint leaves in glass. This make your Litchi Orange mocktail ready.

Serving Putting a slice of lemon on top of mocktail glass will make your drink more attractive.   

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