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Hashbrown Burger

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For Hashbrowns

Potatoes, peeled and grated, 2-3

All-purpose flour,1 cup

Cheddar cheese, grated, 1 cup

Red paprika, 1 teaspoon

Salt, as per taste

Black pepper, crushed, 1 teaspoon

Cornflour, 1 tablespoon

Fresh coriander, 1 cup

Water, cold

Vegetable oil, for shallow frying

For Burgers

Wholewheat burger buns

Lettuce, any kind, 4-5 leaves

Tomatoes, Sliced, 1 big

Onions, Sliced,1 big

Cheese slices, 1-2

Veg Mayonaise, 1 tablespoon

Cucumber, ribboned, 1/2


For Hashbrowns

  • Grate Potatoes and put in cold water. Let them sit for 2-3 mins. Extract all water from potatoes with the help of cheesecloth.
  • Take squeezed potatoes in a bowl. Add flour, cheese, paprika, salt, black pepper, cornflour, and fresh coriander. Mix everything. The texture will be binding.
  • Take a handful of the mixture and shape them into a patty.
  • Heat oil in a pan, shallow fry hashbrown patties by flipping it several times till it gets golden brown.
  • Hashbrown Patty is ready. The mixture will make 3-4 Patties.

For Burgers

  • Cut Burger buns into half. Toast them in the same pan in which you prepared the patty. Don’t use oil.
  • Now assemble the burger by adding Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Hashbrown patty, Veg mayo, Cheese slices and cucumber ribbons.
  • Your Hush Hush Hashbrown Burger is Ready.
  • Serve it with french fries, coleslaw, or wafers.
Hashrown Burger

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