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Things change post marriage for women

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Marriage is a big commitment and perhaps one of the biggest life decisions we will make, pretty much like what education to pursue or what career we should take up. The person we decide to pair for life, have children, share a home with, play a huge role in how our life pans out and how satisfied and happy we are with it.

Yes, marriage is a social good—our lives and our communities are better when more people get and stay married. It makes us more responsible at an individual plus a collective level. But the onus of this is far more on women. The ideas of nurturing, care-giving are more internalized in her than probably the other male counterpart in her house, perhaps a brother. But before marriage, a woman is perhaps more of an equal in her home with the other male child. That changes quickly for women after marriage.

She becomes more responsible and reliable

Career almost takes a backseat in her life

Her decision-making style changes

Patience and maturity become her number one traits

 She rarely gets her personal space and time

A married woman thinks before speaking her mind

Her dressing style changes

 She gives special attention to her family

Weight gain is common for a married woman


A woman is surely a force to be reckoned with because despite such drastic changes in her life after marriage she can survive, adapt and live a prosperous married life.

Life after marriage is about adjusting to a lot of changes for a womanhow life changes for a woman after marriage

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