Marriages In India

The colour, the festivity, the rituals and the food, make marriage ceremonies in India extra special. People come from all over the world to witness Indian weddings. What makes Indian marriage ceremonies so special is the sheer diversity. The rituals followed in the northern part of India are not the same as in the southern part of India, the east has different kinds of wedding and so does the west. There are different types of marriages in India and it’s this multiplicity that we will focus on in this article.

History of Marriages In India

If we are getting into a discussion of types of marriages in India then we cannot proceed with the discussion unless we delve into the history of marriages in India. India is a country that traditionally harped on arranged marriages a tradition that is followed till date in every Indian community irrespective of religion, caste and class. Earlier two families decided on the match and usually, couples were married in their adolescence so that they could have better adjustment.

The custom of child marriage was not there in ancient India although it started later on when there were invasions and gradually patriarchy started raising its ugly head. In fact, in India kings arranged Swayamvars for their daughters so that they could choose from the best to marry, thus supposedly allowing a woman the choice

Types of Marriages In India

  1. Hindu Marriage
  2. Christian Marriage
  3. Muslim Marriage
  4. Buddhist Marriage
  5. Jain Marriage
  6. Sikh Marriage
  7. Parsi Marriage
  8. Court Marriage
  9. Mixed Marriages

In a place like India with such diverse traditions it is inevitable there would be mindboggling rituals and traditional ceremonies. But there are mainly nine types of marriages that are largely solemnized in modern India.

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