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Juggling life between home and office

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When u say ” Kitchen Duties” it has to be connected with a woman. Yes!! its the Kitchen and the lady, are well connected by birth to each other. We all feel frustrated from time to time: a lump forms in our throat and a feeling of helplessness invades us, as if we wanted to run away, but a great wall prevented us. True? But the Kitchen duties never gets over

So, what are the possibilities to re-look at it !!

Know your limitations

Just as you must recognize your qualities, it is important that you know how far you can go. This does not mean that you are mediocre or that you do not aspire to improve: you simply know what tools are available to you to achieve your goals, and you are looking for a way to get the best out of them. If you know your limitations and potentialities, the stumbles will be much less hard.

You can divide work among you partner, if kids the are grown ups they can also share some responsibility of the house. Its always a team work and not a lady’s job to handle by her self. There’s really no harm sharing the workload. As long as you are family one should enjoy doin the work happily

Don’t take anything personal

There are some women who handle home plus office.. they are multitasking their time and energy levels at both places. Sometimes in a fit of anger, your boss yells at you, for a mistake which is “unacceptable” . Or maybe one of your subordinates was so distracted that they missed a key aspect of growing your business. Does your boss hate you? Does your employee want to make your life impossible? Whether someone breaks out at you or unleashes your anger, it’s important to keep in mind that, in the confines of an office, NOTHING is personal. So don’t take it as such. so rush back home, leave things behind have a cuppa coffee and smile.

Adjust your strategy

People destined to fail take every stumble as a sign that they shouldn’t move on. Those with emotional intelligence see every fall as an opportunity to see what went wrong and readjust their strategy. They are practical: they preserve what works for them, discard what does not, and thus achieve an increasingly effective growth strategy. But a lady should definitely have a strategy in place for her to balance life between her family and office colleagues.

 Manage change, don’t just announce it—Managing a change initiative involves more than just announcing a new strategy. That’s the easy part! The hard part is actually implementing and managing the change well. Women young – mid aged- or slightly older, they must understand that they too a have life beyond their duties, home and family. Indian women or across globe women have been assigned the kitchen or family duties very seriously right from their birth. Women need to adapt change and endorse the change initiative

Start, Stop, Continue

This is something every lady should understand when to start, stop and continue. Not that she starts and never ends. Its a massive responsibility of every women holding a major stake at home from cleaning to cooking to taking care of the kids or many other household chores. What makes them different is their constant smile of accepting things as they feel that its part of their life.

So she needs to start living, engage more on other activities of her choice, be with her friends and see herself as an individual and just not somebody who depends on someone else or just there for family duties.

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