The raw banana fry recipe is simple and easy to prepare, yet some tips and suggestions while frying it. Firstly, the raw banana can be sliced into any shapes as desired. In this recipe I have sliced it to cylindrical shape but can also be shaped to cubes or slices as per your preference. Also make to slice them thin so that they can get cooked easily and quickly


  • ▢400 grams raw banana
  • ▢¼ tsp turmeric
  • ▢1½ tsp sambar
  • ▢¼ tsp pepper (crushed)
  • ▢½ tsp salt
  • ▢2 tbsp oil
  • ▢1 tsp mustard
  • ▢½ tsp Urad dal
  • ▢½ tsp cumin / jeera
  • ▢½ tsp fennel / Saunf
  • ▢1 dried red chilli
  • ▢pinch hing / asafoetida
  • ▢few curry leaves
  • ▢2 tbsp water


  • firstly, peel the skin of 2 raw banana (approx. 400 grams)
  • slice the raw banana to slight thick size. you can alternatively cut in cubes.
  • add ¼ tsp turmeric, 1½ tsp sambar powder, ¼ tsp pepper and ½ tsp salt.
  • coat the spices well to raw banana. keep aside.
  • now in a large kadai heat 2 tbsp oil and splutter 1 tsp mustard, ½ tsp urad dal, ½ tsp cumin, ½ tsp fennel, 1 dried red chilli, pinch hing and few curry leaves.
  • further, add spiced raw banana slices.
  • stir-fry for 2 minutes till raw banana gets coated well with oil.
  • spread the raw banana uniformly over kadai.
  • now sprinkle 2 tbsp oil.
  • cover and cook on medium flame for 10 minutes.
  • stir occasionally to prevent raw banana from burning.
  • now spread the raw banana again and cook for 2 minutes, without covering to make raw banana fry crisp.
  • finally, serve raw banana fry / vazhakkai fry with hot steamed rice as a side dish with rasam.
Vazhakkai Varuval / Raw Banana Fry Recipe | Steffi's Recipes