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Khasta Urad Dal Kachori Recipe

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Kachori is one of the favorite dish for breakfast or you can carry kachori for journey or lunch. We can make kachoris of different types, but Urad Dal Kachori have its own specialty and taste. If it is crunchy and crispy, no doubt everybody fond of it.

Ingredients for Urad Dal Kachori:

Dhuli urad dal – 100 gram (soaked in water), Maida – 400 gram, Ginger paste – 02 tsp., Chopped coriander – 02 tbsp., Oil – 02 cups, Cumin seeds – 01 tsp., Garlic paste – 01 tsp., Green chilli – 04, Salt to taste. 

How to Make Urad Dal Kachori:

Take flour, add salt and 4-5 tsp oil, mix well, kneed flour. A make soft dough cover with wet muslin cloth. Keep aside for 2 hours.
Take a kadai heat 2 tsp. of oil, put cumin seed , when they splutter add urad dal paste, roast dal till it gets brown. Now add ginger, garlic, chilli powder and salt. Roast mixture till it gets dry or little brown in color. Turn off the stove.
Now divide the dough into equal portion, give them ball shape, roll on one ball place one tsp of filling, cover the filling with dough by slightly stretching.

Now slightly press the kachori with palm. Take care that filling not comes out. You can repeat the same with remaining filling and dough.
Take a kadai heat, oil for deep fry the kachoris. On high heat fry kachori for few seconds then simmer, when the kachori turns golden brown take out on kitchen paper. Do plating, serve with pumpkin sabzi or any chutney and pickle.

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