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Is it okay to not be ok?

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With all that is happening around us and the current ecosystem that we live in is it OK to not be OK?
I have been, over the last few days, speaking with some people who I have known in my personal and professional life and others who are just acquaintances. A common thread of discussion amongst most of these people is that we feel tired and exhausted physically and mentally most of the time. Is it ok if we say so or reach out for help? Or should we just go along with the flow and procrastinate given speaking out may mean that I am a weak individual who lacks the capacity and grit to perform?

Personally, when I analyse and give thought to such feelings and corroborate, nothing is worth it if we don’t take action. Burnout is inevitable until and unless we move ahead and take proper action.
Self-care and mental health are complementary to each other. Keeping the focus on goals and achievements and meeting results beyond expectations is what most people seek. Being a juggler they think is the ultimate expectation and achievement for the sake of sometimes losing it completely and finding yourself all alone eventually. It is critical to be physically, emotionally, and mentally optimum with small self-care habits

A few things that one should do and are musts:
Take a break – it is imperative to give yourself some time and not feel guilty about it, don’t let it become a daunting task, it’s OK to not feel okay and just take a break.

Acknowledge that you are not indispensable –
 we must value the time and resources that others provide
Celebrate your victories of a job well done – sit down and take a minute to look back at the success and celebrate small wins. When something has gone wrong, remember the wins, and I am sure it will lift your spirits.

Ensure that you surround yourself with supportive colleagues/ family –
 This will ensure that you have time for self-care and it should be a healthy give and take

Recognize the need for self-care – I
t is imperative to recharge and reboot – you have to refuel and have your tank full again to be able to feel good and be back in your true form.

Eventually, it is easy to get derailed and miss the bus. What is important is Self-care, Self-Preservation and Self-Management and the issues clearly can be Self-Neglect and Self Sabotage.

It is important to realise when fruitless habits like procrastination, anxiety, and cogitation take the forefront and we get so busy that we don’t even understand what is going on. There is a need to incorporate self-care in our day to day and lead a stable, stress-free, anxiety-free and become constructive and effective in an authentic manner.

Self-Care is a must and should always be a priority that is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated, for the maintenance of health and wellbeing.

It is therefore vital to include a little bit of love and spotlight on your own body, mind, and soul.

Therefore, it is OK to not be Ok

Is it okay to not be ok?

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