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What’s going on with your relationship life right now? ( PART I)

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Realistic facts has been addressed, a common view from a common man’s perspective.

I’m not here to hurt anybody’s sentiments and pls read below, as an Article only.

Define LOVE?

Achieving love between yourself and someone else on a sexually reproductive level can be difficult.
You have to be compatible with another human being to make a sustainable love between yourself and them.

Love is a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion, and commitment. It involves care,
closeness, protectiveness, attraction, affection, and trust. Love can vary in intensity and can change over time.
It is associated with a range of positive emotions, including happiness, excitement, life satisfaction,
and euphoria, but it can also result in negative emotions such as jealousy and stress.

Attachment– Needing to be with another person and desiring physical contact and approval
Caring – Valuing the other person’s happiness and needs as much as your own
Intimacy – Sharing private thoughts, feelings, and desires with the other person

There is no single way to practice love. Every relationship is unique, and
each person brings their own history and needs. Some things that you can do
to show love to the people you care about, so perhaps the below includes :

Be willing to be vulnerable
Be willing to forgive
Do your best and be willing to apologize when you make mistakes
Let them know that you care
Listen to what they have to say
Prioritize spending time with the other person
Reciprocate loving gestures and acts of kindness
Recognize and acknowledge their good qualities
Share things about yourself
Show affection

Show unconditional love

Communicate-Everyone’s needs are different. The best way to ensure that your needs and
your loved one’s needs are met is to talk about them.
Helping another person feel loved involves communicating that love to them through
words and deeds. Some ways to do this include showing that you care, making them feel special,
telling them they are loved, and doing things for them.

Sex and Relationship

What is a relationship? To be precise, a relationship is a bond between two people that can be anything from
breastfeeding to putting a cock in the pit. The bond of satisfying each other to desire more out of the available
person irrespective of achieved or not. A relationship is a way in which two or more people behave and are involved
with each other. Sex is the personal bond made up between two personalities to depend on each other, both mentally and physically.

Sometimes it is very important for both the people to be understanding each other. Be it any situation, its necessary that they stand there, face situations. Unlike drifting away from each other- that could not be a solution to any relationship. Unless they are poles apart and and are unlikely to be joining hands again.

Sex in a relationship plays a vital role for any couple. Some relations are there for the bonding they share and eventually land up doing sex due to the comfort level. Some relations are love, way of expressing the love is SEX. These days love fades away and SEX is just a need to statisfy the wants of a person. But then there are some amazing relations, where love and sex both go hand in hand. I guess that’s maybe the either of them has sacrificed and kept the sanity of the relation alive for many years.

Why Women need more love then Men?

Women tend to be stronger than Men. But they are emotionally drawn to their family. They are attached and emotional about everything revolving around their families. She tends to be doing multitasking chores, without uttering a word. She is stronger alone to handle the entire show without seeking anybody’s help. She faces all challenges in her life before and after marriage. She can seep in many emotions without showing it. Men fail to understand the women of their life. Without understanding the stress she is undergoing, he fails to love her as he does not find her interesting. They tend to seek love outside or maybe have extra marital affairs – this is primarily for SEX

So its important that in ever relation both the man and woman has to stand there thick and thin at any given point of time. They both take vows only to be there for life time. Sharing and caring is very important for a relationship. Make your relation more healthy, friendly, treat yourself like a friend. Years pass by they fail to know each other and women suffer the most in this kinda relation. So its important that both man and woman need Love, Trust & Sex to have a better future.

Let your children have U as a Role Model. They will believe in the institution of Marriage. Accept that your timelines don’t have to be the same, but giving time to each other is the only right way to sustain any relation. It can be fun to do a new thing and tell your partner all about it when you get home.

You are not growing apart at the moment. There should be a security lock in a relation. Women specially needs this as she tends to be mentally strong but something wrongly going in a relation – that would exhaust her and then the game is over.

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