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How much dry fruits can a Diabetic eat?

How much dry fruits can people with Diabetes eat daily?

Whether it is about accentuating the taste of delicacies or adding a healthy punch of nutrition to the meals or just munching on something sweet to satiate the cravings, dry fruits are the first thing that crosses the mind.

However, if you are a Diabetic, things get a little tricky as ‘what to eat and what to avoid’ remains the important question for most people suffering from insulin imbalance. But is it safe to add dry fruits to your diet? If yes, then how many dry fruits can a Diabetic consume in a day? Here’s what experts have to say about it.

02/3​Are dry fruits good for Diabetics?

Dry fruits are made by sun-drying the fruits, which makes them nutrient dense. Thus, the concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as natural fructose is high in dry fruits as compared to fresh fruits. While some experts feel that consuming dry fruits in moderation may help Diabetics to get a good amount of nutrition and help them manage the sweet cravings; whereas others feel that going for fresh fruits with low glycemic index is the best bet for people with Diabetes.

Since the concentration of sugar is high in dry fruits, experts advise to stick to just 2-3 pieces of dry fruits, but make sure that they have slightly low glycemic index as compared to sugar rich dry fruits such as figs.

03/3​Which dry fruits can be consumed in Diabetes?

Despite the fact that dry fruits are rich in concentrated fructose, there are certain dry fruits, which can help in satiating the sweet cravings without instantly spiking the sugar levels. Dry fruits like Dates, Apricots, Sultanas and Raisins have low glycemic index and thus can be consumed in moderation.

In fact, according to the report, these dry fruits have a lesser glycemic index as compared to white bread. So, if you are planning to satisfy your cravings, then munching on 2-3 dry fruits in a day can help you keep your sugar levels in control. However, always consult your doctor before adding anything to your diet.

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