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Hot Paneer Sandesh Pudding

Ingredients 250 gm home-made paneer (cottage cheese) 2 Tbsp full fat cream 2 tsp stevia (a natural sugar substitute derived from a plant, adjust to…

2 min read

Palak paratha

Palak means ‘spinach’ and paratha means ‘Indian flatbread with unleavened dough’. So palak paratha is nothing but a flatbread made using whole wheat flour, spinach,…

3 min read

Malpua Recipe

Making malpua recipe at home can be a very time-consuming endeavor; many recipes call for the batter to be fermented overnight. In my fluffy version…

3 min read

Veg Biryani

Spiced basmati rice is studded with crunchy cashews, rich coconut flakes, and sweet raisins, and tossed with hearty roasted veggies and spicy baked tofu to…

4 min read