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Education should be free for everyone?

Education is the easiest means to climb success

With the tuition costs of education rapidly skyrocketing to higher prices, will families be able to send their children to college?

With the economy changing dramatically over the course of years and years to come, prices as far as tuition and getting an education has skyrocketed across the nation. This has caused a number of families across the country to struggle financially and have to choose whether or not to send their children to college to pursue a good education. With that being said something needs to be changed so that families are able to have that resource used affordably so “What is the best way for people to afford a good education at a lower cost?”

I think this would dramatically affect many families with children who have just graduated high school and are looking to pursue a higher education. As the standard for many companies require a higher education in order to pursue a good career in the job industry. If there were to be a change in the prices of education, this would impact everyone as people will be able to afford it much easier.

Students will have more time to focus on their studies and pursuing their degree rather than worrying about how to pay for school term to term. This will allow people to gaduate on time and move on to the work field in the job industry.

As some may say that affordability is a reason why education should be free, others agree that it is better for our economy to be highly educated and if you do not meet this standard, opportunities are very limited for you to be able to afford a certain lifestyle. An opportunity to which every human has the equal right to reach their full potential.

The world is rapidly changing which requires everyday jobs to be performed by people who are knowledge-based or have an advanced skill.

This creates the idea of a better educated job industry that will help increase our economic growth.

The problem with this?

This would cause many people to not be able to afford everyday necessities to live a human lifestyle. This lifestyle requires people to have the freedom to broadcast their talents, and skills and test new ideas, and this would lead to happier people. Happier people would lead to a prosperous population.

Another reason why a free education is beneficial is that the government is wasting resources. The power of resources that can lead to medical discoveries, advancement of economy and technology. With these benefits this would allow our country to have the ability of a higher power as an advantage over other counties as an alliance between different governments is essential to this world’s culture.

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