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5 Quick Oats Recipes For Weight Loss

Looking to shed some extra kilos without compromising on those yummy treats? Here are some scrumptious oats recipes for weight loss that would help you sail through!

Oats Recipes: Picture a bowlful of oatmeal soaked in steaming hot milk topped with your favorite crunchy nuts, berries, fruits, and seeds. Aren’t you already slurping? Oats are one of the most popular breakfast options for those who wish to start their day on a healthy note. Oats are quite versatile as well and can be prepared and eaten in various forms. From milkshakes and smoothies to porridge, khichdi, and even desserts, oats can be relished in a number of delectable dishes. Did you know that oats are designed to be that superfood that can suit all your needs? From a quick snack for your hunger pangs to a quick breakfast fix or light and hassle-free meal, oats can be a fulfilling option for all.

Health Benefits Of Oats

Besides being a versatile ingredient in a number of recipes, oats have a host of health benefits that can’t be ignored. Although oats are light on the stomach, they are packed with fiber and essential nutrients that keep our system going. Since they are low on fat, oats may also help you shed some kilos. Being rich in fiber, oats help you remain full and prevent binge-eating and also promote digestion. Let’s look at more health benefits of oats.

1. Maintaining Blood Pressure: Oats are a rich source of avenanthramides ( Avenanthramides (anthranilic acid amides) are a group of phenolic alkaloids found mainly in oats (Avena sativa), which are known to suppress high blood pressure by producing nitric oxide gas that helps in the smooth movement of blood through the vessels.

2. Promotes Heart Health: Packed with soluble fibers that help in lowering cholesterol levels along with beta-glucan, which is a lipid-lowering agent, oats are said to be ideal for people suffering from heart ailments.

3. May Help Diabetics: The beta-glucan compound in oats prevents the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream creating a dramatic effect on insulin levels and blood sugar that helps in maintaining the sugar levels of the body.

4. Promotes Weight Loss: The soluble fibers break down the food faster thus helping with easy digestion and shedding the extra calories, resulting in weight loss, while the beta-glucan fights the hunger-fighting hormone called cholecystokinin.

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