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Ridge Gourd And Bottle Gourd Pancakes With Ivy Gourd Dip Recipe

15 pieces Ivy gourd (tindora/tondli) Bottle gourd and ridge gourd, peels (skin)

1 tbsp Peanut powder

1 tbsp Lemon juice

3-4 Green chillies

to taste Salt For pancakes:

1 cup Ridge gourd, washed, peeled & grated 1 cup Bottle gourd, washed, peeled & grated

1/2 cup Homemade paneer (from skimmed milk)

1/2 cup Rice flour

2 tbsp Besan/ gram flour

1 tbsp Ginger, garlic and chilli paste

A pinch of Asafoetida to taste Salt

For ivy gourd dip:

1. In a grinder jar, combine all of the dip ingredients to make a fine thick paste. Only add water if absolutely necessary. If needed, add slowly to avoid a watery dip.

For pancakes:

1. In a bowl mix bottle gourd (lauki/dudhi), ridge gourd (turiya/torai), and paneer grates. Add ginger, garlic and chilli paste. In another bowl mix thoroughly rice and gram flour to avoid any lump formation.

2. Add the flour mixture to the vegetable mixture and slowly pour water to make a pancake batter.

3. Heat a nonstick pan and make medium-sized pancakes. Serve it hot along with ivy gourd dip and tomato ketchup.

4. Tip: You can also make a variation of using the pancakes as a pizza base which is the hot shot favourite of the kids! Moms can relax as this pizza shall not be junk as it contains the power of vegetables, grains and dairy proteins.

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