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Diabetes Diet Plan: What To Eat And Skip To Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a severe disease that causes heart-related problems, high blood pressure, kidney damage or even vision problems. We all know that diabetes is caused by unhealthy eating habits and in this condition, the level of sugar in the blood increases. If you follow the right lifestyle and eat healthy food, then you may control your blood sugar levels. 

Diabetes Diet Plan: What To Eat And Skip To Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Control pre-diabetes with diet and exercise: Exercise and a healthy diet should be followed, under the supervision of doctors. diabetic patients should consume whole grains, as they contain more fibre and reduce blood sugar levels. But when we consume refined foods such as semolina, flour and sugar, it rapidly increases the blood sugar level in the body, causing diabetes.

Include salads, green leaves and vegetables in your diet: The health expert said that if you are pre-diabetic then it does not mean that you should not eat sweets. You can consume them in moderation. Be it diabetes or pre-diabetic, the easiest way to reverse it is by not eating too many sweets at once. Whenever you have a meal, balance the quantities of green vegetables and salads. Add fibre-rich food to your diet, as this will balance the carbohydrates. Fasting should be avoided for diabetic patients.

Healthy diet chart for diabetic patients: diabetic patients should increase their intake of proteins in their diet. For this, if you are eating roti, then instead of readymade flour or maida, you should eat missi roti or gram flour roti or you can mix milk or curd with gram flour and make chapatis. This will increase the protein content and will slow down the sugar levels from rising in the body. Include lentils, eggs, chicken, curd, salad and green leaves in your diet. Consume milk, curd and buttermilk for protein. She said that some foods like upma, poha, and porridge have high carbohydrate content and to balance this, mix sprouts, green peas and capsicum with these items.

Note – Pls consult your physician before making any change in your diet or lifestyle

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