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Let us stick to a tight morning routine!

Google is such a robust tool; when you ask a question, it returns as many results as possible for you to consider. The Internet is flooded with information on various topics. Social media feeds us new tips and tricks to deal with. But sometimes, too much information can get overwhelming.

My issue today is how much time you all spend on yourselves when you wake up. You’re either late for work, missed your usual train, or got stuck in traffic. Let’s look at some tiny modifications in our life to better understand certain morning habits for better health- after all, Health is Wealth.

The way we start our mornings has an impact on our overall health. We should make certain lifestyle modifications, especially in the morning, to beat any sort of health issues, especially obesity.

Drink warm water every single morning – Drinking water with lemon and honey boosts metabolism and helps you lose weight. This is something I pay attention to regularly.

Don’t skimp out on exercise – Exercising for at least 25 to 30 minutes every day is critical for maintaining good health.

Soak in the sunlight –The first rays of sunlight in the morning are high in vitamin D. It energises our bodies and minds.

Never skip breakfast – Several people skip their morning breakfast thinking that it will help them in reducing weight. This might prove harmful to the body.

Plan your meals for the day – Make a list of the foods you’ll eat during the day every morning. Being careful of what you eat in a day will assist you in becoming mindful by intentionally choosing low-calorie items.

These modest modifications in your life will undoubtedly bring about the desired improvements. I can guarantee you that minor adjustments make a big difference, and you can always start your day on a good note. It may be tough to stick to a schedule at first, but once you have started, there is no turning back. I’m sure a few people are already doing all of this and smiling. 

A life of monotony is always preferable to a life of change.

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