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The “new normal” brought on by the pandemic has been accepted during festival seasons in India.

The first celebration in India is Ganesh Chaturthi, which starts in full force. Everyone is starting to celebrate the end of the year, which is swiftly coming, and there are still a lot of festivals to be celebrated.

People start setting aside time for holidays and make good plans for the upcoming celebrations. The women in the home are the busiest because they lead with their right foot and look ahead to the additional work they need to complete. She warmly accepts it.

In India, a celebration includes not only family members but also neighbours, relatives, friends, and the community as a whole. The most crucial element in this case is sharing. They invite visitors to their homes, exchange sweets and snacks, and enjoy a lovely evening doing so. The entire family clan dresses traditionally, and they instill the value of these celebrations in their kids. Every home has a child who is familiar with the custom and history of these holidays. They come together passionately, smile warmly, and work together to make the celebrations a big success.

Indian culture, tradition, and values are still upheld and passed down through the generations. Children who are studying abroad travel to India during the festive period to see family and friends. One can not deny the fact that our great great ancestors’ inheritance has not been altered. In addition, everyone in the house is happy and enjoying the delectable meal. The highest purity foods are prepared and eaten

During these 11 days, the city will be alive with music, lights, and people swarming to every pandal to get a quick darshan of the Lord. The glitter, the glam, the bustling metropolis, the happiness, the joy, all religions are one at this time. People immerse themselves in such celebrations and bring them to life. This day should be declared a national holiday for all offices and firms. Today, the holiday is observed in Hindu communities all across the world, with Maharashtra and areas of western India being particularly prominent.

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