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A well-earned holiday spent with your loved ones

All of us are anticipating the impending Diwali festival, as you are all aware. We might all take advantage of this as a pleasant vacation and celebrate Diwali with our loved ones. Theoretically, festivals are observed in our nation each month. To make the most of this vacation, many individuals travel back home to spend time with friends and family. They eat, drink, and dance together till the last drop of a hat.

Diwali represents the triumph of light over darkness, goodness over evil, and wisdom over ignorance on a spiritual level. The Diwali lights represent a time to banish our negative intentions and thoughts, drive out evil spirits, and give us the courage and fortitude to continue spreading kindness for the remainder of the year.

In addition, those who are unable to return can still celebrate in different ways. Mumbai, a city teeming with life, is said never to sleep, and I can personally attest to this. I assure you, though, that these are not just empty words; with the advice I provide you today, you may truly rejoice.

  • Lift your spirits.
  • Treat yourself to a day at the spa.
  • Arrange a FaceTime session.
  • Engage your neighbours in a discussion.
  • Organise a party outside or a small get-together with your immediate friends or colleagues
  • Take a tour of a senior centre or orphanage.- Believe me, you’ll be quite happy with this.
  • Makeover your house for Diwali
  • Enjoy lip-smacking dishes – forget your diet for a few days.
  • Enjoy a binge-watching movie/series session
  • Dress up and follow rituals – go shopping!
  • Groove to the music

Even if you are not celebrating Diwali with your family and friends, you can still create a festive atmosphere by decorating your home. Diwali celebrations in India are best celebrated by lighting up the house, which is undoubtedly a pleasant occasion. Upon hanging those lights up, you will also experience the positivity that yellow lights convey. Furthermore, it will provide your family great joy to witness you joyfully celebrate Diwali. Even without your family, you may light up your holiday spirit by celebrating Diwali at home.

After all of this, we get down to business. Let’s embrace our celebrations with open arms and make the most of them. Thus, heed the tips given above to brighten your festive mood and greet Diwali with a big smile on your face. To everybody, a happy Diwali!

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