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Osteoporosis – Lets face it !!

Normally, your bones are strong and dense enough to support your weight and cushion different types of trauma. Your bones naturally lose density and have less ability to grow back or regenerate themselves as you age. You have much weaker and more fragile bones than you should if you have osteoporosis.

For those who are managing osteoporosis, a few suggestions follow the following seven exercises:


It is very beneficial to increase bone density and strength in general by performing weight-bearing exercises such as brisk walking.

Exercise for Strength
Muscles and bones can be strengthened via resistance training with free weights or resistance bands. Pay attention to the main muscular groups in your body, such as your arms, back, hips, and legs.

Chi Gung

This low-impact workout increases strength, flexibility, and balance, all of which can lower the chance of fractures and falls.


Flexibility, balance, and posture may all be enhanced by certain yoga positions. However, it’s crucial to practice under the supervision of a teacher who is aware of the needs of those who have osteoporosis.

Exercises based on the Pilates method can help strengthen the core muscles, correct posture, and improve balance.


For those with osteoporosis, cycling is a low-impact cardiovascular activity that is easy on the joints.

Aerobic Workouts
Activities that reduce impact on the bones, such as water aerobics and swimming, can enhance cardiovascular health.

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