Hey there !

My name is Simmi Iyer.

By profession I chose Marketing as a career, but I knew I loved creating food. I started creating recipes and at the same time I also realized I was a bit feminist (as I feel every woman needs the deserving respect in the society ) So, highlighting good recipes and some common issues in the form of articles. I am not hurting the sentiments of the people across globe while publishing or touching any specific topics.


The purpose of starting a FOOD BLOG was because of my constancy and ability to create any recipe which turned out to be very tasty. You don’t need high-end ingredients to make a delicious and beautiful looking meal. Cooking is an Art, if you hit the right chord, its MUSIC to ears, its STRESS BUSTER

The blog pays homage to food, but goes much broader than that, often spending more time examining the food’s location and geographical significance than the physical meal itself.

My cuisines will definitely make you hungry which provides creativity along with beautiful snapshots that get up close and personal with ingredients. Today I’m sharing my picks for the best and most beautiful food blog that would leave my readers drooling over their whisks. Keep experiencing food as you never know what you land up making in the kitchen, the more the merrier. As I say sometimes experiments in kitchen turn out to be a mind blogging dish 🙂

My Aim is to learn international cuisine as its very important to touch point those recipes too

Appreciate your time and reading my recipes!