9 Ways to keep your skin healthy and supple in summer season

source : Pinkvilla It’s too tough to handle your skin in summers. In summers, we experience so many skin issues like dryness, tanning, sunburn, itchy skin, acne, breakouts, freckles etc. Also due to pollution and humidity, our natural skin glow […]

Tips for a Beautiful Hair

Long, thick and lustrous hair is high on every woman’s wish list. But everyday exposure to dust, pollution, sun and dirt makes it an almost impossible dream to achieve. Products available in the market contain chemicals which do more harm […]

How to look good without make-up

1/7.Natural ways to look good without make-up We can’t get enough of looking good with make-up every time we step out. Be it a bright lipstick color or a swipe of concealer to hide your acne, don’t we woman rely […]

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