Kerala Parotta

Here is a very easy way to do parotta at home. Its totally stress free and fool proof. Do try it at home. Parotta making used to be an all day affair. It need not be that way if done […]

Carrot Poriyal

South Indian Style Carrot Poriyal stir-fry makes a perfect side dish for lunch. Its a very simple recipe that’s very delicious and its super packed with nutrition. Its very tasty. Carrots are steamed and a tempering added to it for […]

Nei Appam( Ghee Appam)

Nei Appam is a one of the common sweet made for the Thirukarthigai festival. The appam dough is made using rice flour and jaggery mix which is further cooked on the ghee. Let’s learn how to make Nei appam  INGREDIENTS […]

Spring Onion Poriyal

Spring onion poriyal / stir-fry is a very easy recipe to put together and is very nutritious. Spring onion is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and also has a decent amount of Iron and Potassium. Here is how to […]

Potato Fry

Easy recipe for Potato Pepper Fry. Potatoes tossed in black pepper and curry leaves. Perfect side dish for lunch with rice and rasam or sambar. INGREDIENTS FOR BOILING POTATOES 500 grams potatoes 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon baking soda SPICES AND FLAVORING 1 […]

Pavakkai poriyal ( Bitter Gourd Poriyal)

Pavakkai Poriyal Recipe, Bitter Gourd Stir-Fry Recipe – Recipe for Pavakkai Poriyal made with the addition of coconut. South Indian Tamil or Malayalam style recipe. Excellent side dish had along with rice. INGREDIENTS 250 grams bitter gourd 2 tablespoon peanut oil / […]

Mulai Keerai poriyal – Amarnath leaves stir fry

Mulai Keerai is a type of slender amaranth leaves that’s used in lentils, mash and stir-fry. Today I made a basic Tamil style poriyal / stir-fry using Mulai Keerai. The same recipe can be made using any kind of greens […]

Green Moong and Yellow Moong Dal Recipe

Kerala Cherupayar Curry Recipe (Green Moong and Yellow Moong Dal Recipe) is a comforting dal made from a blend of green mung bean and yellow mung bean lentil. The curry is made with simple flavors and the addition of coconut […]

Ghee rice ( Kerala Style)

Ingredients ▢1.5 cups kaima rice (seeraga samba rice) or basmati rice or 300 grams ▢4 tablespoons ghee (clarified butter) ▢12 to 15 cashews ▢1 tablespoon raisins ▢1 cup thinly sliced onions ▢1 tej patta (indian bay leaf) ▢1 inch cinnamon ▢3 cloves ▢3 green cardamoms ▢3 cups water ▢salt as required ▢some coriander leaves for garnishing (cilantro leaves) Instructions Preparation […]

Prawns Roast

Here comes yet another signature recipe from my friends mother who gave me this recipe. I started making the same for ma husband. It almost takes no time to cook. This recipe is favorite among my family, friends & relatives. A […]

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