The Painting

In a small village in Kerala ( India), there lived a young 25 year old man. He was a painter and drew as per his visualization. Due to his amazing imagination he was famous and people loved him for his […]


This is a story of a girl called Nancy. At the age of 5, Nancy lost her mother and her father took care of her. Years passed by Nancy grew into a charming girl. On her 18th birthday Nancy’s father […]

Eternal Love

Who doesn’t enjoy reading inspiring short love stories from all over the world? After all, life writes the most beautiful love stories possible. And if its a good ending then the story makes more sense and leaves a feeling within […]

11 Short Indian Mythological Stories With Morals For Kids

Indian mythological stories are an excellent way to teach important moral values to children. In this post, a list of mythological stories for kids to read and learn some important life lessons. 1. The valiant Abhimanyu Abhimanyu was the son […]

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