Hello !!

My name is Simmi Iyer. Thank you so much for being part of my journey of http://www.forkandbeans.in

Its been a wonderful ride, floating with joy and pride. I proudly carry the glint in ma eye, connecting to my followers, my audiences, my subscribers etc. I believe in expressing emotions through this blog to reach out to you directly. Unlike asking you to subscribe my daily updates, I want you to go through this page and connect with me as and when it is possible

Today we are unable to talk about our problems or share with anyone, not a single soul has the time to hear us. We are busy, battling our life to earn our bread and butter. We need more and more, we ain’t sufficient ! Hence, I feel its very important we speak about those topics which causes us stress, our story to someone who can bring the joy in our life. A remedy for our heart 🙂

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So this page am dedicating to all those lovely people out there who feels shy or ashamed or embarrassed to speak as they constantly feel they are been judged.

Join this campaign if they need to : #LetsTalk,SpeakYourHeart

Lets exchange notes, emails and become one family, lets help each other

Get in touch : letstalkspeakyourheart@gmail.com

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