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Home Remedies To Manage Cholesterol Levels

1. Garlic Commonly used in Indian cooking, garlic has been known for its health enhancing properties. Garlic is made up of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and organosulfur compounds such as allicin, ajoene, s-allylcysteine, s-ethylcysteine, and diallylsulfide. These sulphur compounds are […]

5 Foods good for Breakfast

Highlights Digestion is a process that begins from the first meal in your day There are a number of foods that you can eat for breakfast They aid the process of digestion and relieve the problems Maintaining a healthy digestive […]

Why Yoga is Important?

It is very easy to lose ourselves in the incessant action of lives. It may seem like sleepwalking where you just drift away from one scene of a movie to another. With more materialistic approach we are heading towards spiritual […]

Mixed Sprouts Corn Salad

Sometimes we dont wanna cook, but we can come with nice interesting chaats/salads, simple sumptuous and delicious. It takes few minutes, a bowl full of nutrients 🙂 Ingredients Of Mixed Sprouts Corn 15 gms mixed sprouts, boiled 15 gms corn, […]

Churma Ladoo ( Rajasthan )

No Rajasthani feast is complete without Churma Ladoos . These desi ghee ladoos served after dal bati or Dal Muthiya. The most delicious sweets you could have. These mouthwatering sweet ladoos are a must try. Churma Ladoo Recipe – Atta/Whole Wheat Ladoo is the most wholesome […]

Vegetable Pulao

Create comfort in a pot with this beautiful melange. A simple, speedy and satisfying rice meal made with the goodness of garden fresh veggies! Ingredients 500 Ml Water 500 gram Basmati rice 100 gram Ghee 50 gram Paneer (cooked), chopped […]

Malabar Fish Curry

A delicious, creamy fish curry with goodness of coconut milk and full of chilllies, coriander and mustard seeds. Fish is a great dinner option since it is loaded with nutrients like omega – 3 fatty acids, proteins and several vitamins. […]

Gulab Jamun- sweet dish

Gulab meaning rose and Jamun meaning berry makes for Gulab Jamun as a berry-sized ball dunken in rose flavoured sugar syrup. It can be served hot with vanilla ice-cream or just a stand-alone chilled dish. Every Indian household will relish a Gulan Jamun, there is […]

Sabudana Kichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a Maharashtrian dish made with sabudana, potatoes and peanuts. Sabudana Khichdi is a perfect food for those on a fast or vrat and it is also made in many household as breakfast. Popular during fasts, it’s also well […]

Dokla – Gujarati Snack

A popular Gujarati snack, dhokla is one of the most loved snack across the country that is made in various ways. This dhokla recipe is a quick and easy one that is delicious as well as healthy! A recipe that […]

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