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Blended Turmeric Powder( straight from the fields)

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Turmeric is a traditional Indian spice with a powerful compound called curcumin

Below are the images for your references to understand our spice

How we make our Turmeric

  1. Break turmeric into small pieces so that it will dry completely.
  2. Place the pieces on a plate and cover with mesh to keep dust from settling on it.
  3. Sun dry until the turmeric is crisp.
  4. Once dry, grind the turmeric in a food mill.
  5. Strain the powder, putting larger pieces back in the mill.

Do let us know your requirement, we guarantee the quality, try once am sure you wl not be disappointed as we dont compromise on food ingredients

Packages available in 1kg, half kg ( 500 gms) 100 gms

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