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No Hard Feelings: The Hidden Benefits of Allowing Emotions at Work”

No Hard Feelings is both a fun, dazzling read and a clear-eyed blueprint to leveraging the attributes that make us most human into techniques that will make you more productive, efficient, and happy at work.

We are emotional animals. It is difficult for people not to feel emotional. While it is generally beneficial to remain in touch with and not conceal our emotions, there are specific instances in which we must regulate our emotions exceptionally effectively. This is particularly true at work.

Emotional outbursts at work might be caused by job-related issues or by tensions from our personal lives leaking into our professional lives. Handling our emotions (especially negative ones) at work is sometimes regarded as a measure of our professionalism. Long hours, a heavy workload, job uncertainty, and disagreements with coworkers or superiors are just a few of the numerous reasons of work-related stress. Symptoms include a decrease in work performance, sadness, anxiety, and sleeping issues.

It is best to explain before reacting in case there is a simple misunderstanding or misinterpretation.The most prevalent negative emotions at work include frustration, concern, wrath, dislike, and dissatisfaction.

Do any of these sentiments ring true for you? Other, less usual unpleasant feelings may arise, leaving you anxious. Repressing or suppressing emotions, whether pleasant or negative, is never a smart idea. However, in order to perform in different settings, we must regulate our emotions. What are some ways for dealing with unpleasant emotions? Go approach the individual with whom you want to speak and ask if you may chat with him quietly. This demonstrates your regard for the issue and allows for a private space in which both of you may express your views honestly without worrying about what other people think.

To summarise, one must practise controlling one’s emotions in real life or at work in and out, take a deep breath. Emotional expressiveness might be difficult.Recognise and accept your emotions. Emotions are inescapable, thus denying their existence is futile.

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