Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas

Simple yet a very delicious recipe which can eaten with rotis or parathas. Ingredients 1 tablespoon ground coriander 1 tablespoon ground turmeric 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 teaspoon fennel seeds […]

Capsicum Cauliflower Sabji

Capsicum Cauliflower Sabji Recipe – this is dry vegetable dish that is served with roti or paratha. Ingredients  ▢2 tablespoons Oil ▢1 teaspoon Cumin seeds ▢½ cup Red onion chopped ▢1 teaspoon Ginger paste or freshly grated or crushed […]

Cauliflower and Chickpea curry

The best curries are made with the freshest of ingredients, including the spices, and cooked quickly; the secret to success with this dish is not to overcook it. Our cauliflower and […]

Malai Prawn (Creamy Prawn Curry)

The prawns are cooked in a thick coconut milk gravy with whole spices for a strong, flavorful dish. You will find prawn malaikari as a part of the menu in […]

Indian Masala Kheema (Dry Spicy Minced Meat)

This recipe for Indian​ masala Kheema, or meat mince, can be made with any meat you prefer—chicken, lamb, pork, goat meat, or any combination such as minced pork and veal—but has become […]

Chicken Vindaloo

 A blend of spices works to create a deep, pungent, and warmly spiced dish. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of spices in the ingredient list; it looks a lot, […]

Barnyard Millet Mushroom Biryani

Barnyard Millet Mushroom Biryani Recipe is a flavor one pot preparation made with barnyard millet which is popularly called as samvat, Kuthiraivali, Udalu and oodalu in other regional languages. It […]

Roasted Eggplant And Chickpea Curry

Roasted Eggplant and Chickpea Curry Recipe is a flavorful dish made in a coconut milk curry. The distinct flavors of curry leaf, turmeric, coriander along with garam masala leave a delectable taste […]

Masale Baat – Maharashtrian Style

Ingredients: For Dry Masala Powder 1) 2 Bay Leaves 2) 1 black cardamom 3) 2-3 black pepper 4) 1 Cinnamon 5) 2 Cloves 6) 2 tsp Coriander seeds 7) 1 […]

Shengdana Usal

Shengdana or sheng is the Indian names for peanut, whereas usal is a Maharashtrian term for spiced dish made of beans and/or sprouts. Unlike in peanut curry(shengdanyachi amti), here the peanuts are used as […]

Chana Madra (Himanchali Chickpeas in Yogurt Sauce)

Chana Madra is a Himachali style curry where Chickpeas are cooked in a yoghurt sauce along with spices. Serve it with steamed rice for a perfect meal. Here is how to […]

Zucchini-Tomato Saute – Diabetes Recipe

So easy to make and double or triple if needed. Serve as the main meal with a salad and crusty bread, or as a side dish Ingredients 1 tablespoon vegetable […]

Carrot Chutney

Carrot Chutney is a healthy and nutritious Chutney made using Carrot, Grated coconut and roasted peanuts as a key ingredients. It’s spicy and sweet chutney which goes very well to […]

Chana Dal Chutney

Chana Dal Chutney is one of the easy and quick chutney made using Chana Dal and spices. It’s a unique chutney made using yogurt instead of tamarind. Very easy, quick […]