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The Painting

Posted in : Short Stories on by : Simmi Iyer

In a small village in Kerala ( India), there lived a young 25 year old man. He was a painter and drew as per his visualization. Due to his amazing imagination he was famous and people loved him for his work. He was humble and well spoken.

One day, as he was painting, he visualized a beautiful woman. He painted her.

Few days later when he had his exhibition, he put across the woman’s painting too. He could not believe his eyes that the lady whom he painted was there for the exhibition. He was stumped and surprised. He felt as if he was day dreaming. When the lady came across her painting, she was speechless and numb. She began to search the painter, when they came eye to eye, they both were silent.

So what was it?

Post the exhibition they met. She asked him how he could paint a lady without even seeing her. He said, I would fantasize my love for her everyday and caress her in the best form of beauty to express my desire for her”

She was utterly ashamed and without saying a word she left him. The man was shocked to see her reaction and was sad. Months passed by, the man was waiting for her to respond.

Then one day, the lady came, stopped by his place and said, ” its very rare to see an artist imagining the love of his life without seeing her and to bring her alive “

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